SEND Support Available

What SEND support is available for my child at Cedarwood Primary School?
Support will : 
  • be appropriate and personalised 
  • demonstrate inclusive practice (we are committed to ensuring that all children and young people with SEND engage in school activities alongside pupils who do not have SEND
  • be based on early identification and assessment of need 
  • will focus on Quality First Teaching
  • identify and focus attention on action to support the child within the class
  • provide extra adult time to devise the nature of the planned intervention and monitor it's effectiveness
  • reflect staff development and training to introduce more effective strategies 
  • use small group targeted interventions and or 1:1 support
  • ensure the necessary provision is made for every child with SEND and those needs will be made known to all involved 
  • adapt the learning environment appropriately and implement any equipment needed to remove an access barrier (pencil grips, slanting boards, coloured overlays, visual timetables, visual learning aids, a toilet hoist, enlarged type, proximity to whiteboards, PECS books)
  • offer a robust transition process both on entry to Foundation Stage (home visits) as well as to children's high school setting (visits, meetings)
  • involve parents in implementing a joint learning approach at home
  • reflect a graduated approach
  • involve access to LEA support services