We are sure you are all aware how important it is for a child to be at school for the maximum amount of time. Any absence for appointments, illness or holidays can be disruptive to a child’s learning.  We encourage parents to attempt to plan appointments outside of the school day where possible, and we are unable to authorise holiday requests, other than in exceptional cirucumstances.

Absences of more than 10 days in an academic year can reduce attainment at GCSE by a whole grade.

Recent studies including the Charlie Taylor Report have shown the following:

“If children are taken away for a two week holiday every year and have an average number of days off school for sickness and appointments, then by the time they leave at sixteen they will have missed a year of school”. Also, “children with poor attendance are unlikely to succeed academically and they are more likely not to be in education, employment or training when they leave school.”

We monitor attendance very closely, together with the local Education Welfare Officer. It is important to us that pupils get the most out of their education and that they don’t miss important work. This also applies to being in school on time. Consistent attendance really does help them to learn more efficiently. We hope that you will support us in this important matter.

Cedarwood complies with The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 and subsequent amendments including those that came into force on 1stSeptember 2013. The current law does not give any entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday or for days out during term time and makes clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If your child has 10 or more sessions of unauthorised absence from school (1 day is 2 sessions) within a period of 12 school weeks you will receive a warning letter from us and your child’s attendance will be monitored for 15 school days from the date of the letter. If there is any unauthorised absence during the monitoring period we will notify Suffolk County Council who will issue a fixed penalty fine to each parent or carer for each child who has had unauthorised absence. The penalty is £60 if paid within 21 days, increasing to £120 between 21 and 28 days.

It is important that children attend school regularly and if a child is absent from school parents must make the school fully aware of the circumstances. Please remember that schools are required to notify the Local Authority if a pupil is regularly missing school for unacceptable reasons.

If you have to make appointments please try to make these out of school time. Absences for appointments or special events need to be notified to the school on a leave of absence form.