Positive behaviour and good manners are encouraged throughout the school. Pupils are reminded of the policies and all staff and pupils deserve to be treated with respect.


There are levels of consequences and sanctions for poor behaviour.



Bullying is rare at Cedarwood but is taken seriously and our policy is that it is dealt with on the first day. If you have any concerns about bullying at Cedarwood please contact your class teacher in the first instance.

Online Safety 

Online safety has a high profile in our school and we place a large emphasis on the importance of teaching pupils how to stay safe online.  We recognise online safety is a part of our safeguarding policy and practice.  Pupils behaviour on or offline, that does not reflect our ARK values, behaviour policy and pupil acceptable use agreements will result in school sanctions

Use of the Internet by schools is just beginning, but it is growing rapidly. The problems and issues that have been highlighted by the media concern most schools. Whilst some of the media interest is hype, there is real cause for concern and it is imperative that we consider issues carefully before allowing pupils access, supervised or unsupervised, to the Internet.

 It is our belief that there is no present or future technical solution that can completely guarantee the restriction of pupils to unwanted Internet material. Most development work is concentrating on removing access to pornography and inappropriate materials; even here success is unlikely to be complete. Other areas of unacceptable materials, such as racist, extremist, political or violent material is further beyond the scope of most safeguarding programs. In these circumstances the initial reaction of teachers to treat this as an issue for education and parental involvement soon becomes the only sensible course.

Therefore our policies and procedures are in place to minimise as far as is practicable the issues of concern.