BT Crumblebots Day - Friday 13th October

13th October 2017

Our digital leaders had a wonderful opportunity on Friday 13th Oct, of being able to attend the BT Crumblebots Day at Adastral Park, and gosh what a fun day it was!
13 children and 2 members of staff descended on BT rather excited and looking forward to what the day would hold, and gosh we weren't disappointed.
The children we split up into teams and were given a crumblebot, (a robot they program) and the aim was to learn how to write code to enable the crumblebot to move, and carry out instruction.  It was awesome!
First they learnt how to make it's eyes (headlights) flash, then they learnt how to make it move forward and backwards, and finally they learnt how to instruct it to move forwards, backwards, and to follow a line.
There were 6 schools attending and once all the children had mastered those basic steps, it was time to race the crumblebots.
First there were heats in each school to determine to fastest for that school, they then went into the semi-final and then if luck had it the final.
Firstly we must say a huge congratulations to all who took part, but a bigger well done goes to Ronnie (placed 4th), Luke and Freddie (placed 5th) who's crumblebots made it to the semi final! 
Finally a big Thank You to Mrs Elmer for organising such a wonderful experience for the children.