Castle on the Hill - Yr 2 Trip

19th March 2018

We all know the Ed Sheeran song Castle on the Hill, so it was rather fitting that Yr 2 got to experience the castle it was written about, albeit for different reasons.
Another trip, and this time it was Yr 2's turn to escape the clutches of the classroom, experience some fresh air and reinforce the learning they had been doing about castles and The Bayeux Tapestry
59 children, 6 members of staff and many wonderful volunteering parents headed off to our first stop, Orford Castle.  A short journey and we were there - toilet stop done, it was time to head down the hill to the castle.  Orford is a lovely castle to explore and so the children were split into groups and sent on their merry way with their adult to explore all 3 levels.  Unfortunately due to the bad winds we were unable to go outside at the very top, but that was ok!  Once again, the main fascination were the toilets! 
After exploring all they can, we ventured outside to re-enact a fight across the bailey area.  It was finally decided it was a draw between the boys and girls!  A quick draw of the castle and it was time to head back on the coach to Framlingham Castle.
Framlingham is just as stunning as Orford, however a lot more open!  Luckily they had opened the cafe we could eat our lunch indoors.  Phew, the one thing missing was a hot drink!
Lunch was quickly eaten and the exploring could begin.  We walked through the museum, reading and looking at all the interesting facts, before heading out to a spiral staircase that took us to the battlements, where the views were just breathtaking!  We walked the walls, before heading back down to ground level, out of the grounds and off to explore the moat.  A quick march round the castle, it was time to let the children run off some energy and have some playtime within the castle grounds.
Shortly after 2, 59 tired, but happy, children boarded the coach with their teachers and TA's and headed back to Cedarwood!
Thank you to all involved for making the trip such a success and especially to our parent volunteers, whom without this trip would not be possible.
Fingers crossed next time the weather is warmer!