Friday Update 09.11.18

9th November 2018

Here is our Friday Update........ 

  • Children In Need - next Friday (16th November) is dress down day for the whole school for Children In Need - the theme this year is to wear something spotty
  • Netball - our first Year 6 girls  high five netball away match V Britannia was played on Thursday after school. The girls were feeling nervous but as soon as the match started they took control of the game. They looked like they had been playing together as a team for ages (not just since September) as their passing, getting into space, attacking and defending was superb. We had numerous goals from different shooters which was wonderful to watch by the parents and grandparent supporters. Well done to the netball squad on the final score of 2 v 10 to Cedarwood! Mrs Canham & Mrs Bowman.

  • Open Evenings - We are holding two more Open Evenings for parents of any children due to start school in September 2019. Tuesday 27th November and Thursday 6th December, both at 6.30pm. Please let your friends know about these events and let us know if you are coming!

  • Vote for Cedarwood - Please don't forget to vote for us in the 'Aviva Community Fund'. We currently have 1300 votes which is fantastic and thank you to everyone that has voted but we are still quite a way behind the front runners. We would love for all of our families and friends to support us by logging on to and voting. Don't forget you get 10 votes to use and you can use them all on one project. You won't receive mail when you sign up to vote unless you choose that option. If you haven't done so already please log on and vote for us - every vote counts!!!

  • World War One Commemoration Service  - this will be taking place on Wednesday 14th at 10.30 am. A Parentmail has been sent today with regards to what the children can wear. The service will be held on the School playground and you can access this via the main school gates. We hope that you can join us for this special service.

  • Vaccinations - the Flu Immunisation team will be in school on Thursday 15th November to provide vaccinations for Foundation and Years 1,2,3,4 and 5 only. You will have received a letter on Parentmail about this and should have already registered your consent for your child to have the vaccine or registered to opt out. If your child will be away from school on the 15th November the Immunisation team will be in touch after this date to arrange for the vaccination to be done at a local clinic.

Have a lovely weekend.