A poem by Year 6

21st July 2017

Cedarwood Memories
by Ella N and Charlotte (Yr 6)
It all started in September, 
It was an experience we could remember, 
There was lots of brand new places, 
Where we met hundreds of new faces
The school was the biggest thing I had ever seen 
It was like looking up at a dream.
Key stage one was such blast
However, the 3 years went so fast
Playing games all day and night
On sports day trying to run at the speed of light
The many trips in key stage one
All had an element of fun.
Key Stage 2 we were getting older
Plus are handwriting was better and bolder
Upstairs was a whole new floor
A maze of memories right around the door
Learning history World War 2
Egyptians, Greeks and museums to do.
We all made friends that we adore, 
In High School, we hope to make more and more
Teachers taught us everything we know
There plans for lessons are not to "go with the flow"
Friendships learning is what this school brings 
Do not forget when play time ends the bell will ring.
We are sad to say we are leaving now
After all last week was our final bow
Goodbye teachers thank you for lots of fun
But now our primary school years are done
Off to High School we are leaving today
However, more memories are coming our way!