Parents' Guide to Times Tables


According to the National Curriculum 2014 the Government's expectation of times tables in primary schools are:

By the end of Year 2 children should know:
2 times tables
5 times tables
10 times tables

By the end of Year 3, children should know: 
2 times tables
3 times tables
4 times tables
5 times tables
6 times tables
10 times tables

By the end of Year 4 children should know 
ALL their times tables facts up to 12x12.

- In 2019, the Government are introducing times tables tests for Year 4 pupils. 

As we know times tables and home support play a vital role in the development of a child's numeracy understanding.

The quick recall of multiplication and division facts (times tables) is essential for all children. The ability to recall these facts quickly enables children to answer related questions and helps them access other parts of the curriculum much more easily.

We are having a big push in school on learning times tables! We often get asked at parents’ evenings what can be done to help children at home with their maths– learning times tables is a brilliant way of helping your child and it really can make a huge difference. 

We have produced a booklet with ideas to help you support your child learn their times tables which will be sent out to all parents as well as being available on the school website.