P.E. and Sport Premium Funding

Sports Funding 2016/17

For the current academic year, we plan to continue our commitment to the 2015/16 provision below and in addition we shall be developing sports provision during lunchtimes.

We will make sure these improvements are sustainable by continuing to fund our specialist providers.

Sports Funding 2015/16

Our school values sport and sporting opportunities highly.

In 2015-16 we received £9,847 in PE Premium funding.  We have used it to enchance our P.E. provision including using qualified coaches to teach new skills, developing staff training, enhancing after school provision, including for Key Stage 1 and the purchase of new equipment for the delivery of gymnastics throughout the school.

Outlined below are the opportunities we provide pupils to increase participation in sport and develop a wide range of skills:

Early Birds Morning Club 2 hours per week £1,200

Providing opportunities for pupils who do not participate in sport much in a wide range of sporting activities, taken up by a number of pupils, including those with pupil premium and is very successful - run by two coaches twice a week.

After school Sports activities  £3,000

Gymnastics, cross country, netball, football, gymnastics, basketball, rugby, girls football, cricket, athletics and rounders, sports club for key stage 1 - run by two coaches 4 nights per week.

Disadvantaged pupils £1,200

Costs for disadvantaged pupils to attend clubs and activities .

Coaching £6,840

2 coaches employed to teach sport in the afternoons.


  • All pupils in the school have opportunities to take part in extra PE.
  • All pupils coached by highly trained coaches.
  • Increased range of sporting activities, competition opportunities and awards.
  • More team events are attended with very successful results.
  • Increased number of pupils taking part in sport.
  • Value added 103

Total expenditure: