What is the School Council?

Why is there a school council?

So we can come up with ideas for how to improve our school and to make learning more fun.

Who is a councillor?

We have one school councillor per class and a deputy councillor. They are a councillor for one year. In classes the councillor is usually chosen by who gets the most votes from their class mates.

What makes a good councillor?

Somebody who can talk confidently in a meeting. Somebody who can be reliable. Somebody who is sensible. You have to be a good listener. You need to ask your teacher to get ideas discussed in class.

When does the council meet?

Once every half term.

How do you get ideas for what to discuss?

Our classmates give us ideas that are appropriate for the school to do. Some classes use circle time to generate ideas, some classes write notes and put them in a suggestion box, some classes write their ideas down in a book.

How has the school council made a difference to the school?

The rainbow coloured buddy bench was put in the playground. The anti-bullying ambassadors also asked for this. Children who have a birthday that month get to have a lunch on a special table with all the other birthday people.

What are you working on at the moment?

Improving playtimes.

Why you enjoy being on the council?

Because you get to help people and make the school a better place.