School Uniform

The school uniform consists of the following: Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore, white polo shirt and royal blue school sweatshirt. The only item that we would like pupils to have is the school sweat shirt, however plain royal blue is acceptable. Shoes should be sensible, black school shoes and no high heels. Please also ensure that the length of your child's skirt/pinafore is respectable - bear in mind that the children do sit cross legged on the floor!

We would remind parents to ensure that all items of school uniform are clearly marked with your child’s name. Please also ensure that your child does not wear any jewellery, nail varnish or make-up for school.

Earrings and jewellery should not be worn to school. If earrings are worn they should be removed for PE, if they cannot be removed for PE then they should be covered with a plaster or tape, which should be provided by the family and kept with your child.

Please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing at school with them during the year as they do spend a lot of time outside, especially at lunch time i.e. their school sweatshirt and coat for the cooler months, sunhats and sun cream during the summer.

Over the course of a school year we inherit a huge amount of lost property. Anything that is named, we endeavour to return to the owner, but at the end of each half term all lost property is disposed of. Our lost property area is located in the lobby by the double blue doors off of the big playground - please check it regularly for any items your child may misplace.


Ordering Uniform