Travelling to and from School

At Cedarwood we actively encourage as many children to walk or cycle to school. If your child does cycle or scoot to school we strongly recommend they wear a cycle helmet and the bicycle or scooter should be locked in the appropriate racks.

We appreciate that not all children are able to cycle or walk so, if you do need to bring your child to school by car, please consider that it does get very busy around the school at drop off and pick up times. The safety of our children is paramount, as is our relationship with our neighbours and we would therefore request that you please observe the following:

Please do not exceed the 20MPH speed limit.
Please do not park OR drop off children on the zig zag lines outside the school.
Please do not park on grass verges or block resident’s driveways – please respect our neighbours
Please do not double-park along Wilkinson Drive – emergency vehicles need access down the road at all times.
Please do not park or turn round in the staff car park


Cedarwood is a central part of the local community and together we can ensure that our children remain safe and we live in harmony with our neighbours.