Voice in a Million - Wembley - 14th Mar '18

14th March 2018

Months of coaching, singing, practising had all come down to this.  33 children from our choir boarded a coach, along with 4 members of staff and headed off to Wembley for the experience of their lives! 
Voice in a Million is a coming together of various school choirs all singing the same songs and celebrating a fantastic cause.
So how did the day unfold?  The coach arrived at 1015am and 33 excited children stepped on board along with 4 members of staff.  The journey was uneventful with just the obligatory toilet break!  We arrived at Wembley at about 2pm, where we made our way from the humongous car park to the arena and sat outside and had our lunch.  It was lovely to sit and watch the excitement building in the children and seeing all the other schools arrive.

230pm and it was time to wrap up lunch and head to our seats, but first was bag check......phew we made it through!  We were seated in Block S7 at the highest possible point, but that also meant we had the best views! Whilst walking up to our seats we were given a huge black bag which had all the children's t-shirts in.  We settled into our seats reading for the first banner parade and practise to begin.
Cedarwood were lucky enough to be one of the few schools invited on stage and so we had to practice. Not only the banner parade but how we got from the end of the parade and back on stage in time! 
3 children and Mr Redden showed the banner with pride, even if, in the rehearsal they pronounced our school name incorrectly!  Well done for putting them right Mr Redden! 
Rehearsals lasted till about 530pm when we could then take a break and have our dinner!  There were a few headline acts whilst we ate, which the children loved!  Unfortunately not all the teachers knew who they were! 
Parents began to arrive at around 6pm and were shown to their seats, exciting the children even more! Is that even possible? 
The evening then seemed to all just flow! The parents arrived in their seats, the children made their way to the stage and the banner parade children went and lined up.  It was wonderful seeing all the different banners and our Cedarwood banner certainly was up there for workmanship!  
It was then time, 33 children and 2 members of staff took to the stage at Wembley! Wow!  The feeling of awe and elation being on that stage knowing some of the biggest names in the music industry had been on there and stood and performed where we were was just incredible.  The VIAM angles guided the children through their dance moves and they loved it! 
Interval shortly followed, where we made our way back to our seats for the 2nd part.  The event at around 945pm, where we made a swift exit to our coach and started the journey home.....finally arriving back at 0045hrs! 

An enormous Cedarwood well done to all involved, you have given the children a memory and experience they are unlikely to ever forget!

Same time next year Mr Redden?