Practice in EYFS

In the Foundation Classes, we teach children through play and playful experiences.  We aim to organize a learning environment that is highly engaging and reflects pupils' interests and next steps.  Activities are 'dressed' to excite and inspire curiosity and thinking.

The children choose their learning, exploring activities and resources in a style very similar to their pre-schools, working towards achieving their Early Learning Goals.

Staff have been trained in the Early Years approach of 'ABC', Alistair Bryce-Clegg.  This style of teaching is based on rigorous assessment of pupils and knowledge of their next steps and involves adults playing alongside children and bringing the learning objectives to the children as they play and work on activities of their choosing.

Staff have information about all pupils' current attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths and their next steps for each.  The adult observes pupils and joins in their games and activities, developing storylines, ideas and problems that necessitate development of a particular skill, for example writing.

Phonics, shared and guided reading, writing and Little Big Maths are taught to pupils daily.

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