Yr 6 visit to Suffolk One

3rd July 2018

On July 3rd Y6 spent a fabulous day at Suffolk One with many other local primary schools experiencing science, engineering, business and computing sessions. In business we learned about USPS and designed ponchos for rainy festivals each with a USP.
In computing we programmed a football game using Kodu. The teacher was impressed we had already used the software at school. In science we put our knowledge of the constituents of blood into a 3D model and saw a pig's heart and lungs - which organ do you think would float and why? Our final session was engineering where we learned that it is OK to aspire to be lazy...
As long as you get the task done on time and well then putting in as little effort as possible is fine - engineers call that efficiency. We built strong and stable towers efficiently. All in all, everyone was impressed with Suffolk One. 
Excellent hosts, fabulous facilities and lots of learning made fun!
Thank you,  Suffolk One and all your staff.